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When a tooth is no longer salvageable or is missing altogether, you can be faced with several options for replacement. For example, a dental bridge may work if the teeth on either side are in perfect health. They are typically smoothed and capped creating the bridge. However, what if you are missing a tooth on either side or if the tooth isn’t healthy enough to be used as a support? We can use dental implants as a solution. A new tooth will be fixed in place with a steel root. The gum tissue and jaw will accept this new root as if it were your natural tooth. Additionally, it doesn’t require the support of the surrounding teeth, allowing them to remain in their original state. Dental implants are a great solution for tooth replacement as they act, look, and feel like your natural teeth!



If you have a missing tooth or need to have a tooth pulled, we can replace that tooth with a dental bridge. A dental bridge is used when a tooth can’t be salvaged with a filling or crown, but it is still necessary to have a functioning tooth. Much like it sounds, a bridge is a tooth that is firmly affixed between the other two teeth. The bridging tooth is made to match your other teeth, giving you a complete row of teeth and confident smile. 

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If you have questions about Veneers, please contact our office.

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